Gozo Deli produces a range of delicious, cashew-based alternatives to cream cheese which are dairy and gluten free, using organic, natural and additive-free ingredients.  

We treat our Casheese like any other gourmet cheese, adding a culture to develop flavour and nutritional benefits, and infusing with herbs and spices to create a beautiful range of Casheeses to suit all tastes.

Lydia Davidson began developing Gozo Casheese in 2014. An advocate for plant-based eating and sustainability, she tried nut 'cheese' several years ago. Lydia was blown away by the depth of flavour and creamy, smooth texture these cheeses had to offer, far superior to processed, soy-based cheese alternatives. Unable to purchase nut 'cheese' in food shops, she began to develop her own recipes, and Gozo Casheese was born.